Since its launch in 2010, Alex Niggemann’s passionately curated label has steadily established itself as a crucial platform for the finest talented artists. Always focused on searching out exceptional musical gems, it is this quality over quantity approach that has enabled the careful development of Soulfooled's own distinctive style.

Headed towards our tenth anniversary, Soulfooled has consistently released skilfully crafted productions with a distinctive sound, rather than musically prejudiced records. After a short hiatus of two years, we have now returned to provide a crucial platform for fresh talent in progressive/melodic house.


Over the past years several settled names released on the imprint, such as Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Rodriguez Jr. Raxon, Echonomist, Audiofly, Vince Watson, BOg, Matthias Meyer, Zoo Brazil, Smash TVÂ and of course Alex Niggemann himself.

Refreshed, reinvigorated and set to unveil more wonderful sonic innovation, Soulfooled returns to the forefront of electronic dance music.